DAY 311 OF 365 IN 2021


When Jackie chan offered to tutor in the movies ‘the karate kid’, the first many days of training were simply ‘jacket on, jacket off’. The student had to remove his jacket and put it back on countless times. At one point he became frustrated with the repetition and retorted ‘teach me some real karate’. He realised  in that moment that in that simple action, lessons had already began.

Seeing a fire yesterday, I responded almost as though there was a blueprint in front of me that I was following. Is there any current danger to life? What access can be gained? What is the initial action required. It was after the fire had been quenched that I took a step back to do some reflection and I figured the many emergency bells I have responded in hospital was a key contributing factor.

Then it occurred to me, “repetition is indeed the start of true mastery.” Students hate having to do their assignments again, and this is applicable to us all. We dislike the notion of having to hear the words
‘do that again’ , ‘one more time’ , or ‘repeat that’. However, to gain mastery, repetition cannot be ruled out.

Whether then it is in a job role, in prayer, in worship, in study of the word, one has to keep at it. You don’t have to do it once, but repeating many times to gain true mastery.


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