DAY 298 OF 365 IN 2021


Luke 13: and a woman there had been disabled by a spirit for eighteen years. She was hunched over and could not stand up straight.

A spotter and a snippet are often found on the highest point in a battle ground, a position from which they have a wider field of view and can perceive dangers threats miles away. Of course being able to stand with a straight back does not provide the same elevation as climbing a 2000-foot elevation, but it does provide a reference point.

The woman described in today’s Gospel had been bent for eighteen years. I can imagine the dangers she would have had to face with a gaze permanently inclined to look towards the ground. I can imagine how much she had to depend on other to warn her when something was approaching. How much had she missed out on? How short into the future had she seen when all her eyes gazed at were her own feet.

Jesus restored her so she could stand up straight- a posture akin to when God told Abraham in Genesis 15:5 ‘now look up at the stars’. These words would have meant little to a woman who was bent down. Beloved,  God wants us in that position when in reverent worship ‘O come, let us worship and bend low, Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker [in reverent praise and prayer](Psalm 95:6)

So if today, you are bent down, shoulders slumped, and face down with only your feet to stare at, God invites you to stand tall and straight, chest out and heads up; looking forward and up into His goodness that await.


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