DAY 273 OF 365 IN 2021

Luke 10:1 The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit.

If there is something that is very difficult to do, it is to completely change one’s initial opinion about a person or place. This is particularly true if that first experience was unpleasant. Regardless of how others might therefore try to convince you of how they might have changed or what message they stand for, the initial impression often lingers on in memory for a while.

By choosing to send disciples ahead of Him to every city He was yet to arrive in, Jesus was putting Himself and his mission in a rather precarious position. Although those sent had been given a specific set of instruction, as well as power and authority to confirm the message they had been sent with, it isn’t a massive difficulty to expect that as emissaries or envoys of Jesus, whatever image of Him they painted of Him would be How He would be perceived when He eventually made His way into whatever city.

It is very unlikely that Jesus was unaware of such a possible outcome, hence it is the fact that He stills sends others them when they have higher odds of “blowing it” that draws our attention. Some of these disciples would have lacked experience or courage. Some would even not know how to present the message they had been given, yet they had been sent regardless.

If the interest of the Lord was in “a perfect man before service and partnership, a lot would still be left undone’. These me were sent not with the perfect portfolio, but with an expectation that they would depend on and trust the sufficiency of God, not the resources they possessed. Thus the command to travel light ‘no money bag, knapsack or connections.

We are also here on earth as envoys of the Lord, sent to represent Him to our world with the very lives that we live.

It is God’s desire and my prayer that by our lives, we may show to others a God to whom they can turn, not one from whom they should run and hide.


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