DAY 270 OF 365 IN 2021


Today, let’s just take a trip along reflection lane to ponder on choices:

God has given us freewill, suggesting that we have been given choices. However, with these choices there is a caveat – they come with consequences, often eternal consequences. People who do not believe in consequences are either children or immature.

I heard an interesting homily last Sunday at Mass. They were the words of C. S Lewis “There are times when the angels hold their breath to see which way we will go”. While those words sounded haunting and daunting, they offered a challenge too as they provided a reason to continually think about the choices I make.

I would think the same applied to each of us because “man is a partner with God”, and as a partners, our choices certainly do have an effect on the intents and purposes of God for His people. Beloved,  if all of heaven might be holding its breath over the next choice you make, then you cannot make a hasty one.


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