DAY 261 OF 365 IN 2021


After a couple of near misses, my cycling itinerary involves definitely cycling with my helmet on and switching to my headphones to listen to some music enroute to work. I have not left my phone at home to go to work for as long as I can remember. So when I realised after cycling to the train station today that my phone was not in my bag pack, I panicked a bit.

Not that I was not going to make it through a twelve hour shift without a phone, but with the work I do, a rapid access to information as well as its dissemination is crucial. Access to a phone makes it easier thus while we could yet make the argument that a phone, like other technologies, can be a source of a distraction; it is not very easy to place this in same category as virtue or vice, black or white.

Sometimes, life presents us with situations where we need to move beyond being simply able to characterise things as black or white. What we get is actually shades of a colour. We need to be able to see what can be the advantages from things as well as the disadvantages they carry. It is only when we are able to establish these differences and how to make the most of them that we can appreciate what gains come with them.


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