DAY 230 OF 365 IN 2021

Reference text: Judges 9:6-15

Judges 9:12-14 Then said the trees unto the vine, Come thou, and reign over us. And the vine said unto them, Should I leave my wine, which cheereth God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees? Then said all the trees unto the bramble, Come thou, and reign over us.


Brambles may be rough and prickly shrubs, but they also produce fruits. In fact raspberries, and blackberries as well as roses grow on brambles. Yet, it was the last option pursued by the trees in their search for a ruler.
Let’s not get too disappointed but the truth is in the realm of man, there is always a criteria to satisfy. One must be a specific body build, height or weight, and possess particular skill sets or traits.

Let’s not pretend we can’t see what is going on in today’s text because it was obvious from Jotham’s story that the trees were looking for something particular in the search for who was to reign over them. They first went to the olive, then the fig tree, then the grape vine. The bramble entered the frame of conversation purely because the three frontrunners were not ready to let go of their abundance, sweetness and wine respectively to take up the position on offer.

However, even though even the Bramble may not have had the same exterior appeal as the olives or figs, it had something of value. But often, just like the trees, God takes up the spot of the Bramble – the last option to be considered. He sits on the peripheries of our vision and comes into frame when nothing else appears to work out.

When we do eventually turn to Him in our frustration however, He still requires our commitment; ‘that we rest in His shade’. Beloved, you may currently be contemplating your options regarding the current state of affairs in your life. However, if God has not made it to the top of that list yet, this is a gentle reminder that the list needs some revision.


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