DAY 226 OF 365 IN 2021


Joshua 24:23 He said, “Remove the foreign gods that are in your midst, and incline your hearts to Yahweh the God of Israel.”

Students of metallurgy and the material sciences are familiar with alloys. Even from basic chemistry, we gain an understanding of what the concept of alloying entails. It simply refers to a combination two or more elements (usually metals) in specific proportions to produce another with properties that are far superior to each of the individual elements used. One of the most common examples is Bronze, which is primarily a combination of copper and tin although other elements are added.

Therefore, on the strength of the advantages of alloying, we might deem it extendable to our relationship with God but that is where the warning comes “No you can’t! “Joshua’s message to the nation of Israel was clear “if you have made the decision to serve the Lord, then there should be no foreign gods among you-thrown them out”

He sites the jealousy of God as the reason where there is zero tolerance for sharing. In fact, God is not interested in sharing His place with anything or anyone. His preference is that we incline to Him and set our hearts entirely on Him because while alloying may improve the properties of other elements, there is no other god with the potential to dare stand on the same pedestal as the Almighty.

He is head and shoulders above any other and He is miles out of their league and any comparison is not feasible. God is All we need thus, if our choice has been made that “as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord, then we have to throw out every other foreign god – every other thing in contrast to the statutes of God. Beloved, God is complete, perfect and also rather jealous. So the message today could not be any louder “NO MIXING”


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