DAY 225 OF 365 IN 2021


Joshua 24:13 I gave you a land for which you never worked and cities that you didn't build, but that you have lived in. You're eating from vineyards and olive groves that you didn't plant.

There is enough evidence to the effect that “hard-work produces RESULTS!” Thus, from the very early days of our lives, we are introduced to the concept of working hard and through our lives, we are drilled to pursue it. It therefore becomes very easy to say ‘If you work hard, you will achieve all you envision”. That is the statement in our spotlight for today’s reflection.

Throughout this discourse, do not at any moment disregard the place of hard work because personally, I am definitely on the “working hard train” because I have and very likely, you also have results that confirm that when one works hard at something, they will  have things to celebrate.
However, we also ought to realise that regardless of the expectations, there are limits to where one can arrive at only by “working hard”.

There are some doors one will be unable to enter, some mysteries one will not come into contact with and some truths that will remain out of reach if all we have is “hard work”. The people of Israel are reminded today that they were in cities they did not build and were enjoying fruits from vineyards they did not plant; they had only be ushered into and guided to such a location.

Beloved, there are times when it matters not if you are the hardest worker, some things need to be protocolled or vetoed in your favour. You need to be connected to a system of advantage that at specific moments, can override and overhaul the normal to give you the edge. Without this, you might still work really hard and yet appear static.

And what better connection can you have than one with Jesus, the name above every name.


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