DAY 205 OF 365 IN 2021

Reference text: Matthew 13:24-30


Matthew 13:30 Allow both to grow together until the harvest; and in the time of the harvest I will say to the harvesters, "First gather the weeds, and bind them into bundles in order to burn them; then gather together the wheat into my barn."

Today’s Gospel reading is the parable about the wheat and the weeds. It is interesting to see that while the man sowed ‘good seed’ and went to bed , an enemy also came along, planted weeds and left. Why? Because although the man sewed ‘good seeds’, both he and his enemy knew that the ground on which they sowed had been prepared and so had the potential to support growth of whatever was sown.

In reading the entire reference text, one can’t help but marvel at the timing for the appearance of the weeds: ‘when the wheat sprouted and bore grain, the weeds also appeared’. And we wonder why things seem to go off course just when we’re at the cusp of a major turnaround or why trouble finds a way to rear its head right at the start of a major breakthrough.

Following these events, the servants approached their master with the suggestion to root out the weeds and leave the wheat to flourish. To this he responded ‘you don’t have to that because there might be collateral damage and we could lose some of the wheat. Leave them both to grow together till harvest then we can sort this out’

One might think this master was out of his mind by not breaking off the competition from the very onset but rather allowing it to progress a lot longer. Yet, we see that he was confident that the wheat still possessed the capacity to bear its grain and be ready for differentiation at the time of harvest.

We can be certain of one thing ‘in our current world systems, there are many fields of wheat, fruit bearing believers, with weeds sown amongst them. However, the assurance today is that the wheat, will neither wither nor lose their fruit bearing potential because of the competition from weeds planted while men slept. In spite of the weeds, the soil is capable of providing all the wheat needs to be fruitful at harvest. Your fruit bearing potential remains intact


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