DAY 184 OF 365 IN 2021


TINSTAAFL‘- You will probably not be familiar with this acronym but do the words ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’ ring a bell. This came to mind today. A quick search presents the origins of this statement as born out of lay opinion and economic theory to the end that ‘it is impossible to get something for nothing’.

We would have to do some real thinking about that claim, but it is almost impossible to disprove or suggest an alternative position in a counter argument. Not just in monetary terms, but everything has a cost or a price. Whether visible or hidden, everything costs us something. Every decision, every choice, every action, every desire, whatever we seek to possess, necessarily comes with a cost.

When we aim to lay hold of the value that things or even people hold, we ought to be ready to pay the price that comes with it. Very often, we seek this value but have not considered the cost component. If you want to graduate with a high degree classification, it will cost you your time and hard work. To dive deeper into God, it will cost you sitting at the His with regular foray into the secret place – so simply, everything comes at a cost.

Jesus knew that the price for the Salvation of man would be a shameful death on the cross, yet He came to die. That is why the price of our salvation has been paid. Today therefore, we are invited to take time to do some cost assessments and price estimates for the things we seek to gain. If we are well and truly not ready to pay the price, then we are certainly not ready to posses them because

Everything must necessarily cost us something. Nothing costs nothing.


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