DAY 181 OF 365 IN 2021


Genesis 21:5 Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him.

I read one line of today’s text, paused and found myself laughing. It is one of those statements which when you hear, you have to adjust your position, clear your ears and respond ‘what did you just say?’ or ‘can you repeat what you said?’ This was today’s line ‘Abraham was one hundred years old when Isaac was born to him’. Yes, it is exactly as we have read.

This is it, our logic can only take us so far. Some of the pieces in our story or even that of others, ought to defy logic; they have to be inexplicable and be beyond reason. For it is only in moments as those does our search for answers take us beyond the boundaries of logic and reasoning.

The verse today is a ridiculous one intended to play with our minds, to verify the extent to which our logic would take us. After we have exhausted our futile attempts at making sense out of the whole situation, we would come to the conclusion that ‘this is the working of the Lord, it is a marvel in our eyes’.

Such evidence is presented so that we also might realise that the Most High reigns in the kingdom of men. That there is a Sovereign, whose workings cannot be explained with just logic. Because if every happening in your life is explicable, then there has been no place for the sovereignty of God.


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