DAY 180 OF 365 IN 2021


We’re nearly at the halfway point in the year and a statement came to mind this morning. It is one we hear rather often ‘I want to write my own story’. I marvel at level of imagination, research and genius that goes into story writing, whether a work fiction  or not, the ability to draw readers in with every flip of the page is a stroke of mastery.

Today therefore, what comes to mind is storytelling, particularly scriptwriting. Many people say ‘they want to write their own stories’, fair enough. However, here is another option, perhaps a suggestion ‘why not let God do the scriptwriting? Because if there is any writer who can script a definite best seller and an absolute page Turner, it is Him.

Search the word, it is littered with some of the most amazing stories of triumph, love, mercy, greatness, relationship, success and commitment ; just to name a few. There are some scripts that regardless of a maximum use our intellectual faculties, we only throw our hands up and ask “HOW?”

One thing is certain

‘No matter how good of a writer you are, you are no match for the author of life’

His scripts are absolute perfection. So allow God to write and edit the pages of your life’s story. You will not be disappointed.


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