DAY 176 OF 365 IN 2021

Genesis 17:17 Then Abraham threw himself down in worship before the Lord, but inside he was laughing in disbelief! “Me, be a father?” he said in amusement. “Me—100 years old? And Sarah, to have a baby at 90?”

I read multiple renditions of today’s verse and in addition to the vertion rendered above, reading the version below actually gave a clearer picture of what Abraham did:
Then Abraham fell on his face and erupted into laughter in a moment of private absurdity, as he thought to himself, “Yeah, right! How can a centenarian father a child? Am I supposed to believe that Sarah, my 90-year-old wife, is going to have a baby?”

It shouldn’t really be a big surprise that Abraham found the words of God absolutely ridiculous. He was a centenarian, and he really did not need an expert to tell him about the child bearing age. There was no world of logic where fathering a child as a centenarian sounded reasonable. It is no wonder in his heart, he was in absolute stitches, laughing at the shocking words he had just heard.

Oh, what that man tells us sometimes. The things he promises to do and to give, one can’t help but marvel or laugh in utter disbelief. But here is the drill – God does not laugh, apologise nor does He alter His words in any way. It is as though He says ‘you laugh and watch me flex my muscles. Stand back and watch me show you that I am the author of life, the giver and sustainer of all things. Watch me be God!

If there is one thing we can be certain about this God, we know that He has done what many considered utterly ridiculous, improbable or impossible.
His track record only serves to prove one thing’ impossible has no place in His vocabulary’.


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