No one ever wants to stand in front of a target or become one because there is a real risk of being shot by the practice weapon. Using an arrow as an example, even if the end is blunt, there is still some pain to serve as a reminder that one has been hit while standing in front of a target. This is the analogy presented at Mass this morning.

Like regular arrows therefore, the Word of God is fired from His heart towards us, and like any arrows, they are shot towards a target – our hearts and minds. Asking anyone to stand in front of a target sounds silly and dangerous, but on this account, it the only way that works – we have to literally become the targets for the only way for this arrow to hit its intended target is if the target gets in the way of the fired arrow.

The trajectory of those arrows remain unchange because the source from which they emerge, is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. HIS word that bring calm,  encouragement and peace, still carries them, those that promise health and wealth, remain true. In fact, every single shot fired from His word brings good our way, even if it sits at the end of a pointed arrow.

So beloved, until we intentionally choose to stand in the trajectory of these arrows, they will miss the targets of our heart. Today, therefore, is an invitation; that even if it hurts, we are to place ourselves in the way of the arrows shot from the heart of God because they will serve as a ‘painful’ reminder of the relationship we have with God.


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