In this time of lockdowns, ‘TRUST’ has been on my mind quite a few times. Nearly every single decision is built on Trust – that when you eat, your body will break it down right, that any chair you sit on will hold your weight, when you get on the right bus, your driver will take you to your destination or that your meal order will contain what you requested with nothing extra added. Such are the things we really don’t consciously think about

Even while driving, one must trust the driver ahead of them to stop when they have to, or signal when they want to change lanes. Likewise, you have to trust the one driving in the opposite direction to stay within their lane.  Therefore, while it may appear that our actions are only in our interest, some are expectations of trust laid on the shoulders of all of us and unconsciously, we bear them.

To put in other words, someone is trusting you to follow a set of instructions, carry out specific actions and execute particular tasks in a certain manner, even when they do not ask. That is what trust actually looks like. It also accounts for the reason why some appear confused when others express towards them disappointment or displeasure  over something they did or did not do.

Beloved, TRUST has been woven intimately into the very fabric of society, so takes a bit of conscious effort to restore it when broken. But knowing its worth, in our relationship with God, He has ensured that His words have their weight in gold – ‘has He not said, and will He not do?’. He does not renege on any promise so that our expectations of Him remain unchanged – to stay the same yesterday, Today and forever. After all, He has declared ‘I am the Lord, I change not’. We can trust those words.


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