A statement came to mind during the day and thinking about it, this message was laid on my heart.

‘Why me’ is often used to express disappointment when an unfortunate thing happens. However, an alternative dimension is to use this remark in situations when people are
lifted extraordinarily into positions in a way that suggests external influence. Many in telling about these sudden and unexpected rise often use the remark ‘I was quite surprised and wondered ‘why me’, for it seemed others were more fitting.

These words may appear of little significance if it’s speaker generally had no expectation for divine assistance and advantage. But for one who believes, knowing that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose, it means a lot.

As much as those words ‘why me’ seem to be a marker of our humility and often a genuine acknowledgement of surprise, it does raise some issues too. Bearing in mind the fact that the decision in consideration was influenced by an external party, it does hint that the maker of the decision could have gotten it wrong. Mind you, we know that God is this decision maker.

Instead, a more appropriate question should be ‘why not me?’ I may seem weak and inexperienced, but God takes the weak things to confound the mighty. I may not appear qualified, but my appointment shows I meet the criteria for qualification.
Beloved, whatever makes you question ‘why you’ should rather prompt you to ask ‘why not you’, and subsequently cause you to raise your game to match the status and level into which you have been called.

God has not made a mistake in your elevation and rise, so don’t be too surprised by it. It is an expectation that follows those who journey with him in alignment.


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