Matthew 16:15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

“You are bigger than what people say, You are bigger than what people say,
Some say, you are good, you are kind, you are bigger than what people say”

The lyrics of the song above kept ringing through my head after reading today’s text in which Jesus asked his disciples “who do people say that the son of man is?” We would be satisfied with the responses received for who a man is to another person depends in part, on what they have heard of or know about  them. However, there is the dimension of what they have personally encountered, and that shapes their individual image about another.

For some, God is good, but personally, He is more than good because I know God is goodness itself. He is the author, the source and the sustainer of all that is. He is the one in whom all things hold, and have their place. He is the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is the God, who although above all, is unashamed to call me His friend. He is the one who even in my weakness, even when I stand at the edge of a cliff, offers his hand and provides a way back to Him.

So beloved, while others will describe God in a certain way, each of us will have to find vocabulary that is specific to our own encounters. Therefore, to respond to the question Jesus asks, ‘who do you say that I am?’, each of us has to dig deep into our personal encounters with Him! We have to reach into the experiences of who He has shown Himself to be in our individual lives. Only then can we dare to provide a non-robotic response to that question. So what is your answer?

‘Who do you say Jesus is?’

Kindly comment with your responses’


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