DAY 52 OF 365 IN 2021

Mark 1:12 Immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go out into the wilderness.

Scripture uses some very strong words to describe Jesus’ transition to the wilderness after his Baptism: ‘impelled, driven, and compelled’. All three are suggestive of a constraint, a use of some force to elicit a specific response. In other words, it hints that this was not a negotiated decision, it was vetoed by the Spirit of God.

That override is what men can’t deal with. Men want to be recognised as being able to decide, being in a position where they can refuse or accept to comply, we like to be in charge. No one likes to be bossed around and have decisions made for them, this springs up a rebellion. However, such resistance stifles the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of this same man, for no two masters can occupy the same territory.

Beloved, a yielded man is God’s preferred weapon of choice: that  individual who will allow God to lead the way, even veto decisions and choices at times. Of course there are moments when God will invite us to reason together with Him, soliciting our partnership in some matters. Yet, there are many other situations where letting Him have the wheel completely, is in our best interest.

So remember, a yielded man is God’s preferred weapon of choice.


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