DAY 44 OF 365 IN 2021

Genesis 3:9 Then the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

Depending on the person who poses a question, the very same question could be presented to suit different contexts. Today, we are running with the question God asks man in their garden ‘where are you?’ This could also be asked as ‘how far out are you’ or when do you expect to arrive? To this question, many of us have responded with expected arrival times which were clearly a fraction of what the exact times would be.

Generally, in asking questions using the words beginning with ‘wh’, where is the preferred choice when the focus of the question is a location. So it is fairly expected that when God appears in the cool of the day inquiring about man, the words we hear are: ‘where are you?’ To this, the summary of man’s response was ‘I was hiding’.

From the dialogue, our attention is drawn to a particular realisation:
location-specific questions are often posed with a comparison in mind. As though to ask ‘where are you’ in reference to where you ought to be?
God was interested in the location of man particularly because instead of being in ‘the presence’ and on the walk with God, man was rather ‘in hiding’.

King David’s story is one which paints a clearer picture of what it meant to ‘ find oneself anywhere but where one was meant to be: being in the wrong place at the wrong time. David found himself at home, enjoying the rooftop scenery, at a time when kings were meant to be at war. Subsequently, he saw something he shouldn’t have and the rest of his action includes a long series of mistakes, one to cover up another (2 Samuel 11)

So today, Day 44 in 2021, I want to ask you the same question God asked man in the garden: “where are you?” Are you running away when you ought to be drawing closer, have you stayed when you should have gone, looked when you should have turned, or flirted with a situation when you should have walked away?

Beloved, where are you in relation to where you ought to be?


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