DAY 39 OF 365 IN 2021

I am very familiar with the simile “as white as snow”. Over the past few years, I have made a number of commutes after or during snowfall, hence travelling on a path covered with layers of snow is not something new. However, whenever I have made such a journey, it has almost always been in a car, under glaring sunlight or the hue of street lights producing amber-coloured lighting. In addition, I am ever so focused on keeping the wheels on my bike steady that I have little time to see anything else.

It was therefore quite a surprise that this morning, I found myself amazed during my cycle to the train station. This time round, not under street lights, sunshine or worry that my wheels might lose grip; but under clouds that permitted just the right amount of daylight through, I can raise my hands and acknowledge that “I have certainly underestimated the whiteness of snow”

We have heard and we know that snow is white, but if one has not intentionally attempted to look, it very likely that we have underestimated the shade of white. Consequently then, it made perfect logic that the Prophet Isaiah used a transformation from ‘red as scarlet’ to ‘white as snow’ to describe what happens to our sins when we reason together with God (Isaiah 1:18). That change, is one we can call ‘humongous’.

Beloved, like a child, I was very ‘wowed’ today. However, today I have is not just me blabbering on about my excitement upon actually realising how white snow is. It is about what it actually means to receive a clean slate from God, it presents an idea of what a fresh start looks like when Grace actually happens. That is surely something to be excited about.


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