As we have entered a new month, let’s take have some mini bites from the first month of the year.

“There are some battles which until you win, you will not graduate.”

In boxing, moving up into a higher weight classification when you can barely stand the punches of fighters in your current weight class is an ideal recipe for disaster. Unless one rises to the top of the list in their current category, stepping up is never a great plan. God therefore only permits as much as you can handle such that if there is no triumph at the stage you are this moment, moving you a step higher will only speed up your trouble. So ensure you have won those battles first.

“Every moment is an opportunity to encounter grace, a chance at a beautiful new beginning”.

Whenever we find ourselves having made choices that ruin families, relationships, and friendships; or  decisions that makes us look like failures, God answers with one word.
Even when we roar at Him, “I want to run my own life, thank you very much!” Get out, get lost, and don’t come back, His response remains the same. He answers the junk of our lives with GRACE: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

Sweetheart, it really does not matter how far your most recent stop from God is, only that in this very moment, you will embrace the opportunity offered, for grace has sought after and found you!


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