Monday: November 16, 2020

Personalised cookie design, #SNTA

The reference text today is presented fully because of its relevance to our discussion:

Jesus came to the outskirts of Jericho. A blind man was sitting beside the road asking for handouts. When he heard the rustle of the crowd, he asked what was going on. They told him, “Jesus the Nazarene is going by.”
He yelled, “Jesus! Son of David! Mercy, have mercy on me!”(Luke 18:35-38)

When one enters a dark room, at the push of a button, the turn of a knob or the pull of a string, there is illumination. It appeared as though something just got lit up inside this blind man, you could say there was a bright-spark moment and things just clicked. Moments earlier, he was comfortably begging for alms but realising Jesus was in his area, his language changed.

It is often said that ‘a beggar has no choice’. This expression is used in literal terms where whatever is given ought to be appreciated, regardless of whatever that is. But Jesus offered this beggar a choice: ‘what do you want?’ In that instant, instead of the general ‘can you help me with whatever you can?’, he had to answer a specific question.

He clearly understood that there was an opportunity to turn the tide and he was not going to miss that chance. Without hesitation, he called out for help and he knew exactly what he wanted ‘that I may see’. You know we may find people in certain places doing certain things but trust me, that isn’t always all they want to be, it isn’t the end game.

There are goals, dreams and aspirations hidden beneath the surface. Probably, for most people, the opportunity has not opened up. So don’t be so quick to write people off when you don’t have the full picture. When you have not asked what they want, don’t think you know it all, listen first because they may just be at beginning.


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