Tuesday: November 10, 2020

Plymouth athletics track

In the same 100m race, criteria for success may differ from athlete to athlete.

  • For an athlete with a personal best of 10.8 seconds, a 10.2s time would be success.
  • For another whose best placed has been 5th, placing 3rd would be success
  • For another, increasing their foot speed from 30 to 35km/hr would be considered success

So the question ‘how much is enough?’ or rather, what would you count as success? The definition of this word is often contextual and individualised because in the same situation, what one might count as success for one does not meet the criteria of success for another.

For many people, their cocktail and criteria for success must include specific ingredients: “family, social or spiritual’. Others are happy with just excellence in one dimension, that counts as  success. It is therefore important that each of us have a fitting definition for success in our individual contexts else we would never really have a lot of reason to celebrate.

Sometimes what I refer to as a ‘successful day’ might involve good results in a small activity or a commendation about a task completed. It could even be a learning point after a mistake. In effect, one size fits all does not work in defining success! So beloved, find a definition that works in your personal situation because that is one way to have many points of celebration along your journey. Otherwise, you will only keep beating yourself up.


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