Monday: November 9, 2020

Church of Saint Anthony of Padua, Prague

John 2:16 To those selling doves He said, “Get these out of here! How dare you turn My Father’s house into a marketplace!

While sometimes it isn’t so obvious, the names of certain places often give an indication of what ought to be occuring in them: a school, a bookstore or even a post office. Today, we read about one such location “a temple”, which was now serving as ‘a marketplace’.

In terms of purpose, the two could not be further apart because a market place is largely considered an ‘arena for trade’, a place where the exchange of goods and services takes place. One would not decide to visit a temple for that exact purpose. It made no sense!

Thus, Jesus’ anger which results in him driving the traders out of the temple and knocking things over is an important picture. These people had forgotten all about the place and purpose of the temple. They had become preoccupied with their money making exploits that the temple as the house of prayer, a place to encounter God in His word personally or in fellowship with others, had been left outside the doors.

Beloved, this isn’t just about buildings, but also with people: we need to learn to intentionally recognise their place, purpose and usefulness in our lives. Without this intentional action, we are unlikely to be well positioned to honour things and people as we ought to. Consequently, any benefits that could be derived from that is missed.


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