Thursday: October 22, 2020

“We are limited so that it is only in partnership that we realise how complete the body of Christ is”

J. Selman

The quote above popped up my list today and so let’s do a bit of breakdown to better appreciate the truth it communicates to us. There are specialities and experts in nearly every field. For such people, in their line of work, they know as much as can be known and also keep learning. I like to use the clinical environment as reference because that is one area where this is quite profound.

While on the rare occasion you encounter a patient who only requires input from a single specialty, many others fall into the category where it becomes impossible to meet all their needs without consultation with other disciplines. This is referred to as a multi-disciplinary approach and it is crucial to life in a clinical setting.

No single discipline has all the answers, and neither does any one individual know it all. Though we could have some idea, it is only when we acknowledge those limitations and bring others into the circle that we can make significant impact. When we begin to see how the individual pieces from different disciplines come together to complete the puzzle, we gain appreciation for partnership.

My dear, this is the reason we don’t know it all nor have it all: so that in view of our limitation, even within the body of Christ, we will develop a greater sense of why partnership is necessary for the advancement of the kingdom.


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