Wednesday: September 9, 2020

1 corinthians 7:29 What I mean, my friends, is this: there is not much time left, and from now on married people should live as though they were not married;

When a football team trails an opposing team by a number of goals, depending on the section of the game that has run, attitudes differ by. When the goals come in the early embers of the match, subconsciously there is a sense of calm because “there is enough time to do something about it’. However, if things remain the same heading into the final quarter of the game, attitudes change because there is a realisation that” time is actually limited”.

It is quite strange how a simple statement like “time is short” can change the entire course of action a person takes. We view time as a valuable commodity with finite supply, something that must be worked with. When in abundance, we can play around and ‘waste’ it but when dire or in minimal supply, we make efforts to make the most of what we have.

Beloved, ‘time is limited’ is a marching cry to get up from lying to standing up on our feet. It is a call to set things into motion and do what needs to be done. We are invited to embrace and deepen any relationships, with God and with our fellow men. Charged to put off any procrastination and get to work now. If we had time, then it wouldn’t matter how slow we responded but as we have been readily informed, “time is short”.


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