Monday: September 7th, 2020

There are two types of shoppers: the planners and the impulse buyers. The latter just walk into a shop and may get whatever they decide to in that moment. As such, there is a real tendency to go overboard and get things that might not be needed immediately. However, there is the possibility that a purchase done on impulse actually becomes useful at some point in the future. That is what has been on my mind over the last couple of hours.

There are moments in our lives when things appear not to follow a set plan. Many occasions when we have a gut feeling, a sensing from that inner witness – the still small voice to make a particular choice. Usually, in the moment, even though such decisions seem unrelated to current events, there is feeling of peace associated with them. They just feel like the right thing to do.

As an example, conversations with some individuals prior to this global pandemic will show that over time, many may have realised an inkling to undergo some form of training or acquire an alternative skillset that is unrelated to their current professional portfolio. But in the peak of this pandemic, those skills and knowhow came in handy and only then did they realise “ah, that was why! ”

Sweetheart, every opportunity that God brings our way, comes because of the “expected end He has in mind for us”. Therefore, He sets plans in motion anticipating our arrival since He sees the full picture. Even right now, that training every one says is of no use but deep down you feel led to undertake, go for it. That connection which seems to make no sense now, establish it. That talent you feel its time to nurture, begin to water it. Don’t let the fear of not succeeding keep you stuck in a rut.

If God placed that thought in your mind or that feeling in your heart, then it does have a place in your tomorrow and this will become evident soon enough. So press on beloved.


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