Tuesday: August 25, 2020

In spite of the fact that everyday is unpredictable, I love what I do. Today, I joined in conversation with two other individuals on the ward being clearly the youngest: one was 89 and the other 45, but our conversation took quite an interesting turn. While oldest among us was reminiscing the good old days, I ask him “If you had the chance to choose in which era you were to be born, would you opt for the original era in which you were born or this current era?

Let me share his answer with you, and this I write trusting my memory: “In those days, people were kinder and friendlier. You knew your neighbour down the road and you could knock on someone’s door if you needed help, not like it is these days. But I would choose to be born in this current era because there are opportunities if you want to take them; the kind which were unavailable in my days.

His words got me thinking because they drew my attention to all the things we often take for granted because we have or can have them “in abundance”. I can name a few – the people around us or the opportunities we see. Beloved, we need to become more appreciative of what we have and learn to become more thankful for the dispensation in which we find oneself. Subsequently, we ought to make the most of the opportunities we have.


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