Monday: August 24, 2020

Reference: John 1:45-51

John 1:49 Nathanael answered and saith unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Son of God; thou art the King of Israel.

There comes a point when what we have been told does not suffice. Simply put, we cannot keep hiding behind only what we have been told. Let’s break this down: we can draw a very clear line between a listener and a believer because a believer is not just anyone who has been told about Jesus, it is those who have come to acknowledge Him as their God and saviour.

It is therefore no longer sufficient to cower solely behind the shields of the information we hear, culture or bias, without foraging for more ourselves because true believing requires commitment. We witness this transition in the life of Nathaniel who went from being a skeptic to acknowledging Jesus as son of God and king of Israel. His own initial assertions and even what he heard from Philip, did not stand in the way of further steps to realise more for himself.

We have heard and will continue to hear the statement ‘the best way to know more, is to experience Jesus for yourself’, and that beloved, is not an over-statement. However detailed a description can be offered, even by the best of story tellers, it can hardly beat a real experience.

Sweetheart, a believer is a seeker: a seeker of information, a seeker of encounter and above all, a seeker of real personal experience with Jesus who sits at the epicentre of our faith. And until this experience is realised, many will still attempt to thrive purely on the contents of what they have been told. That, is insufficient.


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