Thursday: August 13, 2020

Reference: Matthew 18:21-19:2

Matthew 18:26 The servant therefore falling down, prostrated himself at his feet and entreated him. “‘Only give me time,’ he said, ‘and I will pay you the whole.’

When in a bad situation but still able to make a case for yourself or demand resources, you are likely to make requests that will play a role in helping your situation. For example, when arrested, the first thing one might ask for is a lawyer or when being made out to be a liar, you may ask for a known alibi to corroborate your version of events. Therefore, whatever you ask for, should have the potential to advance your agenda.

In today’s parable, we read about two servants who were both neck deep in debt. It may even suffice to say they had already been overwhelmed. Yet, in a last ditch attempt to grab on to even straws in the hope that they may avoid jail, both made the same request to their debtors: ‘give me time, and I will pay back everything I owe you’.

We might say they were too presumptuous or overly confident that their situation would get better with time. Were they expecting new resources from somewhere or did they somehow expect things to improve on their own with time? Why did they ask for more time? Or an even deeper question: ‘what did they intend to do with the extra time requested?

Beloved, this resource called time is a very tricky one- as Saint Augustine in response to the question “what is time” answered ‘for I do not even know what I do not know’. Most of the time, we hold this resource but don’t know what to do with it. When we have enough of it, we seem not to know what to do with it and when we run out of it, we go around looking for more.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain: Time is central to all of our affairs. It is a resource that demands the utmost attention and management on our part. What we do with it now, will be part of the results we show tomorrow.


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