Monday: July 27, 2020

Jeremiah 32:20 “I will hide my face from them,” he said, “and see what their end will be; for they are a perverse generation, children who are unfaithful.

Within the setting I work, new faces emerge a lot. While some stay for a day, others only pop in to find an item or device. For those staying longer, the initial approach is a primary Orientation, however, for someone passing through; it is expected that they would ask questions and acknowledge those on whose ‘turf’ they are.

Nonetheless, every now and then we see people who enter the premises and are clearly oblivious to everything: they have no idea where to find what, they are disoriented to the layout and start trying to open doors that are not accessible. On many occasions, we approach to ask what is going on because there are some doors only accessible by local staff and some items located in places that are not public knowledge. However, there are times when we also just stand back and watch on as others cut a disappointing figure after unsuccessfully looking for something.

That is what God also decides to do: ‘to hide his face and see what the results would be’. As one who knows and sees it all, watching His own children who are meant to bound to him at the hip, run around helplessly looking for answers and keys to doors would be very sad. Yet, he does so because the decision to put him aside was taken by the very same children meant to draw closer. So He stands back watching.

My dear, just like every molecule of water has oxygen and hydrogen in a particular ratio, there are some things which require the involvement of specific individuals and authorities, there is no workaround. The frustration and desperation associated with many endeavours is often because the right persons are yet to get involved. So sweetheart, briefly take stock of the different facets of your life, and if there is a dimension that appears off script, ask yourself ‘how much of God is involved?’

That answer could be the start of your breakthrough.


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