Sunday: July 26th, 2020

Matthew 13:52 Then He told them, “For this reason, every scribe who has been discipled in the kingdom of heaven is like a homeowner who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”

Whenever we remember the conversion of Saint Paul, our minds are also cast to the attitude of the church towards him. Even Ananias, who was sent to pray for him, wanted to plead a case against Paul; reminding God of how bad a person he had being. That should not really be no surprise to us because when a person changes sides, it usually takes time and a lot of effort for the new side to accept the change as genuine.

In Jesus’ words, he suggests that a scribe who had been instructed in kingdom matters still had the potential to draw out of their treasures ‘good and bad’. This seems bizarre in a way because one would have expected that after making the switch, the only possibility that remained would be ‘good’ but this was not the case.

My dear, here lies a truth: ‘the fact that one has made a transition, does not automate the process of transformation’. ‘Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind’, as Paul wrote, implies that transformation occurs in the realm of the mind. However, don’t be deceived because this does not make it a physical process, it remains spiritual.

Sweetheart, when real transformation is in process, the word of God is exalted over and above the senses, above culture and becomes alive even through our personalities.
In such moments, what will emerge out of our treasures will be only good. This is a reminder going forward:

“transitions do not automate the” process of transformation.


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