Monday: July 20, 2020

Psalm 50:17 You hate instruction and fling my words behind you.

One clause is of interest in the Psalm we read today ‘fling my words behind you’. That is an indication of gross disinterest for ‘fling’ is a forceful and violent throw of an object- often one that is intended to be discarded. It is therefore no surprise that the NLT renders the first part of the Psalm “you treat my words like trash’.

Another image is the direction of the fling – ‘behind’. By default, we are created to look and move forward, that is why a lot more voluntary movement and effort is required to turn around or walk backwards. Every manual or direction guide such as a satnav is meant to be infront of its user so they can have a view of what instructions are shown. It is therefore a work in futility if a satnav is mounted on the rear of a forward moving vehicle.

Beloved, instruction has to be in front of us because behind us, they serve little purpose- unless we are moving backwards. However, that is not the norm. To continually be able to have an influence, the word of God: whether intended for teaching, guidance, rebuking, encouragement, or instruction in righteousness, needs to be intentionally positioned within our field of view.

Without this, we are as good as walking blind into a mine field.


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