Sunday: July 19, 2020

Matthew 13:28-29 An enemy has done it,’ he exclaimed.
“‘Shall we pull out the thistles?’ they asked.“‘No,’ he replied. ‘You’ll hurt the wheat if you do.

Today’s text takes us back to the saying in the book of Ecclesiastes- ‘there is a time for everything under the sun’. Many surgical and medical procedures are products of time: perhaps ‘too early or too late’ for particular treatment options. Even when the timing is spot on, there is always a degree of risk associated and thus anyone engaging these services ought to be ready to bear this risk.

This analogy throws some more light on the context of today’s Gospel where the owner of the field tells his servants not to remove the weeds while the wheat was still maturing lest that harmed the wheat. Therefore, they were to wait till harvest- that is the introduction of time.

My dear, just as there are expected time limits for particular kinds of surgeries because beyond that, a greater risk is introduced; if time is ignored in any other venture, intended good could result in unexpected bad. Beloved, the mercy of God and the goodness of God are functions of time and so we ought to actually pay attention to TIME. This is the core of the message so I reiterate:

Just as attempting to uproot weeds from immature wheat could cause the loss of the wheat, ‘if time is ignored, intended good could lead to unexpected bad’


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