Thursday: June 25, 2020

2 Kings 24:9 He did evil in the eyes of the LORD, just as his father had done.

Young ones mainly pick up skills and traits by watching others practice. Just like the Akan proverb “those behind learn from those ahead”. The statement present in today’s text tells it all ‘Jehoiachin followed the example of his father to the letter’, or expanding the scope, he literally became the exact person those around him turned out to be.

That doesn’t sound implausible because belonging to royalty limits the circle of people one can engage with. At only eighteen, itb was very likely that Jehoiachin had barely experienced life outside the palace with home schooling, strict protection and other perks that came with being the king’s son. Thus, the influences on his life were largely predetermined.

This is in no way in defence of his attitude because while he learnt from what he observed, it was no excuse. It is rather a message to all of us to bear in mind that “what we see and hear repeatedly”, can subconsciously and unconsciously forge the identities we assume. Jehoiachin followed the examples he did probably because there were no other ones.

Sweetheart, the people we encounter may be who they are: speak as they do, act as they do and respond as they do because ‘that may actually be all they have known’. The ball may therefore fall in our court to show them ‘a more excellent way- the Jesus way’. Not just through arguments and brute force, but an outreaching expression of love that touches their hearts; examples that are worth emulating.


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