WEDNESDAY: June, 24 2020

Luke 1:60 And his mother answered and said, Not so; but he shall be called John.

No, his name is John! That was a mother making a stand. I could see the entire gathering making a case for why the lad should be called Zechariah: First, the name was already in the family, and in addition, the bearer of the name had high repute in society as the high priest. Thus, from an associative or even genetic point of view, choosing that name made perfect sense.

Yet, Elizabeth wouldn’t budge from her stance: “his name is John” and that was not up for negotiation. Zechariah then corroborated this answer. Taking a stand in any matter isn’t only a matter of public opinion, it is very personal and must be Spirit led because when multiple opinions of others start entering the frame of the picture, even the staunchest of hardliners begin to budge; even if unwillingly.

Public opinion is a very strong player in a lot of situations, it can drive political, religious and even personal choices. If we are not careful, we may end up swayed by these opinions even at the expense of what the Lord has spoken to us.


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