Sunday: June 21, 2020

Matthew 10:26 So do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed and nothing hidden that will not be made known

Great friends are people to whom we might entrust some of our deepest secrets knowing that will keep them. They are those people we feel confident running our mouth to because while they are unafraid to correct us, we are certain they will not judge us. However, if we apply these expectations in a friendship to today’s text, it sounds like there might be a reason to worry.

A take on this message is the statement thrown in there “that nothing is a secret”- everything concealed or hidden will be made known. In effect, there can be no secrets even if they are not announced, they will be discovered. Anyone living a lie, lives in a fear of being discovered, thus they are often apprehensive, openly defensive and sometimes, rather timid for fear of their secrets being discovered. The way out is therefore to reveal all or live the lie out.

The very thought of being unable to hide anything sounds scary but what things do we want to hide and are embarrassed or unhappy to have discovered? This is the question to ponder on then: if we walked with a conscious knowledge that whatever we did would be illuminated, would we still do them? It’s not to trigger worry, but to challenge us not to live in a manner that shows us up as two-faced individuals; one open life and a secret face for God sees it all.


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