Friday: June 5, 2020

‘The day you wasted today is the tomorrow someone who died yesterday badly wished for’

Did the words above get your attention from the very onset? Did they immediately sting a little or tug gently at the muscles of heart, even just for brief moment? If yes, then it has prompted a call for further deliberation to critically consider what we do with time we have been given.

Among the gifts God has given, Salvation, which is accompanied by the gift of the Holy Spirit; is followed closely by the gift of time. Yet, too often, we underestimate the importance of time so much that we seem to forget that a significant fraction of our lives hinges on this . Ponder on this for moment: ‘Without TIME, mercy will not be possible’. Those words are truth because mercy is an expression of the gift of time in that, instead of immediate judgment, there is an opportunity to return to the cross ‘because we live in time’.

However, it is very easy to lose track of this gift and not treasure it as much as we should. Sweetheart, whatever holds your time or whatever becomes the object of your time, will play a determining role in the fulfilment of your destiny. It will either steer you towards that intended end or move you further away from it.

So again, just for emphasis ‘what is the object of your time? Or in other words, what are you doing with the time you have?


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