Friday: May 22, 2020

Acts 18:10 For I am with you, and no one will attack and harm you, for many people in this city belong to me.”

Many will agree that good investment returns are linked to multiple factors, among them, the current economic climate and the timing of the investment. Therefore, the investor who is risk averse usually waits for ideal circumstances before making any investment. All variables have to be accounted for because any unknowns can throw things out of sync.

Likewise, for many of us, unless we have the ‘ideal’ situation, we won’t make a move. We are therefore always on the hunt for the perfect task, the perfect solution, the perfect job – we want a situation where all things have been sorted out. Consequently, we appear to forget that God does not need the perfect scenario to operate because he is perfection itself.

Our excuses amidst uncertainty include I have a weakness! To that God says, ‘acknowledged’. And we continue: but the situation doesn’t look perfect! Again He responds, ‘I know’. But then He adds: ‘what I desire from you is that you acknowledge me even amidst those imperfect scenarios.

Paul found himself in an imperfect setting: when God said some people in this city are not mine, we could infer that there were going to be obstacles to Paul’s mission. Yet, he was promised that no harm will come to him and to push forward. It wasn’t about the numbers against him, but the perfect God who knew what He was doing all along.

So sweetheart, don’t fret in the face of imperfect circumstances, trust the perfect God who is on your team.


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