Wednesday: May 6, 2020

John 12:47 If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.

Where there are rules, they are intended to be followed. The rules represent what a nation, organisation or group of individuals want to be done – what is considered acceptable. Don’t do A but B sounds fairly straight forward, but many will still go ahead and attempt B. Why? Because even those who belong to an establishment with rules may be tempted to still break those rules because ‘what everybody wants them to do, isn’t what they want to do’.

Simply: Try to guess the answer to this question: ‘If what you want to do and what someone else wants you to do are in contrast, which is more likely to be done? You don’t have to say your answer out loud but here is some fact’
Regardless of how much rules are spelt out or hammered on over and over again, that does not guarantee compliance or adherence.

Thus, we notice Jesus comments ‘those who hear my words and keep them’. Beloved, we appear ignorant of some things not because we have not heard about them, but rather because they go against the things we really want to hear or do. So we pretend not to have heard at all. We hear the Word and don’t keep it for the same reason: since the word of God is alive and active, it cuts through our very being to pierce and highlight all the things we wish to hide.

It comes with illumination that reveals our innermost hearts but puts it alongside the heart of God. And in that heart of His, there are many things He’d want us to do and those we ought to abandon. But as we are, if it’s not something we want to do ourselves, we pretend not to have heard. That is why we do not keep the word. Yet my dear, keeping that Word should be our bread and butter.


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