Tuesday: April 21, 2020

Acts 4:32 All the believers were of one heart and mind, and no one felt that what he owned was his own; everyone was sharing.

It is interesting that two words, HEART & MIND, appearing clearly contrasting find themselves side by side on as many occasions as possible. One instance was when Jesus reminded the scribe who asked what the greatest commandment was: ‘to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength’ (Mark 12:30). Today’s text presents another case where the believers were united in heart and mind. But what did this mean?

The mind is perceived as the centre of logic and reasoning, the place where decisions are churned. To the mind, input has to be tactile, factual and concrete, literally perceptible by the senses. Therefore, unity of mind among the believers indicated that their thoughts, plans, reasoning and intellect had come into alignment. They had arrived at an equilibrium which concluded their approach would ensure the needs of everyone was met.

The heart, on the other hand, is the seat of emotions dealing with the things that ‘do not seem logical’- things that seem abstract and not concrete. Faith, trust, love, sense of communion and relationship. Therefore, by attaining oneness in heart, their love, their hope and their passions joined. Their faith became a singular focus shared by all.

We might find it strange that logic and abstract co-exist in the same space but such is our journey with God. Not everything is tactile, not everything is perceptible for there is faith and love, concepts that transcend ordinary logic. But there is also creation, visible representations of the handiwork of God. The things we can see, feel, touch and hear. So sweetheart, the heart and mind are not in isolation when it comes to Kingdom business, they are actually inseparable partners each achieving the same end goal through its unique ways.


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