Monday: April 20, 2020

Reference text: Psalm 2

Psalm 2:1,4 What fools the nations are to rage against the Lord! How strange that men should try to outwit God! At first, the God in heaven laughs at their silliness. The Eternal mocks their ignorant selfishness.

I enjoy strategy games, a battle of wits to see if I can out-maneuver an opponent. The results can be fairly balanced with instances when I have thought ‘wow, this is brilliant’ – that is an acknowledgement of being outwitted. When two forces collide in any dimension, we sometimes get ‘brain versus brawn’ or two brains colliding in what we might refer to as ‘may the best person win’.

Yet, there are moments when we try to play the same card with God – we try outwit Him. A simple definition of outwit is ‘to deceive by greater ingenuity’ and that is why God looks at us and laughs, I believe literally, at our silliness. He pictures man, created in His image, trying to deceive the fountain of all wisdom and the source of all that be.

He laughs at our reasons for abandoning His purposes to pursue agenda that sounds good to us. God laughs when man jumps ahead of him to execute plans when we don’t even have the full picture. God laughs! He laughs when we think we have it all covered, when we are tempted to become boastful or when pride envelopes our souls. God just laughs.

Beloved, don’t fall into that trap, a place that makes God in heaven laugh at our silliness and ignorance. If God should laugh, let it be out of joy and delight for us.


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