Tuesday: April 14, 2020

John 20:16 Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.

When my back is turned, there is a fair chance I will recognise the voice of those close to me when they call out my name. The choice of what to call me, the dynamics in their voice or even the feeling evoked when the sound reaches my ears give an idea of who they might be even without a visual stimulus.

A weeping Mary Magdalene had such tear filled eyes that that her vision was distorted, she did not recognise Jesus.
When Jesus called her ‘woman’, it registered as a gardener’s voice, a voice of someone who did not know her at all but was concerned. However, when her name was called out ‘Mary’, her tears dried up for she had now heard a familiar voice call out her name. A more personalised encounter following which she recognised Jesus; thus responding ‘Rabboni’.

Whenever God addressed any personality in scripture, there was a personal touch. Often, he called them by name: ‘Abraham’, ‘Samuel’ or ‘Saul’. Where he does not call out a name, there is enough provision of intel to show that the message being delivered is not to a random character, but an individual recognised and designated to receive it.

We might wonder why the mention of Mary’s name dried up her tears but its really clear because in that one moment, she realised the tears were not necessary for she had found whom she sought. So beloved, when you turn around with tear-filled eyes, unable to recognise the saviour who stands before you, know that He has already called out your name. He has already presented himself to your situation so dry up your tears and open your eyes to see Jesus.


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