Easter Monday: April 13, 2020

Reference: Matthew 28:8-15

Matthew 28:8 And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

If you picture yourself unexpectedly winning a huge lottery in the very moment a loaded gun is pointed to your head, which emotion will you show? The joy of winning or fear? Think about this for a while before proceeding further.

The concept of compatibility is one extrapolated into different spheres of society: human relationships, medicine, pharmacology and even engineering. This principle from chemistry puts forward a suggestion which may be simplified as this: ‘Can A and B exist together in the same space without any adverse effect?’ The principles that guide answering this question can be referred to as compatibility rules. They are ignorable with grave risks particular in healthcare where drugs and their diluents have to be compatible and patients, with any blood to be transfused.

In our text today, the women left the tomb with two emotions ‘Fear’ and ‘joy’ which was a rather interesting combination. On their way, they met Jesus who extended a salutation to them recorded as: ‘All hail’, ‘greetings’, ‘peace be unto you’ or even ‘rejoice’; depending on what version you read. However, the root word translated in that salutation is the Greek word ‘Chairete’, a primary verb that means ‘to be cheerful’. This is followed by these words from Him ‘Don’t be afraid’.

Jesus had identified a cocktail that He was concerned about, two emotions present that did not satisfying kingdom compatibility rules. Hence, He proceeds to break them up. He tells them to remain joyful in his greeting and to cast away their fear. He had his reasons for doing so because those emotions, as you might have discovered from the short pause at the start, cannot coexist. They will keep fighting each other for both seek to dominate.

Yet, the choice is clear- choose joy over fear because Jesus is alive.


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