Friday: March 27, 2020

This came to mind yesterday and I wanted to share this with you:

I am by no means a marketing expert, but if there is one thing I have noticed on social media platforms, it is an inadvertent propagation of the very things many claim to stand against. This is being done unconsciously but it is likely having a reciprocated impact than what the original plan maybe intended. Wondering how? Stay with me for a moment.

Public relations experts know that for marketing, sometimes even bad press is better than good press. To increase market permeability, they often take advantage of dislike to broaden their exposure because unlike the days when people just jumped to support things without much information, the situation is different today. Thus, many take some time to explore whatever is presented to them. They want to know more about it.

Therefore, by planting seeds of curiosity, people move to acquire more information but sadly, some are unable to discern and fall. If I hypothetically presented a scenario: ‘you shouldn’t buy from a particular shop anymore because I got an expired product from them’, my prompt could become a message that is interpreted ‘buy from that shop to see if they have unexpired products’.

Beloved, people only stop searching when their curiosity is satisfied, unless they are not interested. So be mindful of what you pass along because not everyone’s curiosity ends where your does. You might end up presenting a ‘non-viable’ sell to someone and that might become what gets them hooked to wrong. Not everything you stand against ought to be propagated, the intention might be to dissuade others, but unintentionally, some will be convinced to indulge. Let’s watch this.


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