Wednesday: March 11, 2020

Jeremiah 18:18 Some of the people said, “Let’s get rid of Jeremiah! We will always have priests to teach us God’s laws, as well as wise people to give us advice, and prophets to speak the LORD’s messages. So, instead of listening to Jeremiah any longer, let’s accuse him of a crime.”

Today’s message appears to be one of the usual unprovoked attacks on God’s people. Thus, we see machinations behind the scenes to plan the downfall of Jeremiah. Yet, there is an important question that also hangs over the entire discourse drawing from the fact that people seemed to agree that eliminating Jeremiah would make no difference to the way they received guidance or messages from God through his priests or prophets.

They did not place any clear value on his worth and so in effect, deemed him surplus to requirement and very readily expendable. In fact, to them, he was an obstacle of no value to their course. So I want to throw a question out to you: ‘how expendable are you?’ Not in regards to the life you have, but with what you possess and what you offer; with your skills, words and mindset? In simpler terms, ‘How valuable are those to the people around you?

Don’t take this to suggest that you have no place here because for all intents and purposes, we can establish that you are not here by accident. We may be hesitant to agree, but a harsh truth is that not everyone strives to ‘be valuable’. Value in this context has little to do with any monetary evaluation we can attach, and much to do with the impact you have on the people around you and the world you live in.

By our definition in context being valuable means constantly striving towards exceptional and not easily replaceable. It means embracing your uniqueness and the very things that sets you apart to make them work for you and those around you. Why? Because what you have in common with everybody else, your similarities, will only create your comfort. It is your differences that will create your rewards.

The world knows you are here, yes, but how ‘valuable’ are you?


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