Tuesday: March 10, 2020

There appears to be multiple definitions for success and in nearly every definition, they are associations with some form of possession, whether material or spiritual. It therefore appears there has to be a tangible measure for success. In our time, money, fame, wealth, connections, career and family are among the key highlights considered in the categorisation of success. Hence, these are pursued by many.

Yet, the best guarantee for success lies not in chasing after the things that are considered elements of success, but to position one’s self in a place of constant growth. As scripture writes: ‘And Jesus grew…(Luke 2:40)’. In His ministry therefore, we see his fame spread abroad, people seeking to follow him even when he had sent them away, multitudes thronging to Him, desiring to tap into his overflowing cup and the family of Apostles to whom he could entrust the biggest task of all. That was success, but it came to Jesus, He did not go after it.

When we embark on a lifelong quest to continue growing, we are set on a collision course with all those elements that define success and they find will us. Regardless of where we are, there comes a point when we become too big to fit into certain environments. Just like a seed, it may stay underground up until the point when it can no longer be contained- then it shoots up. That is a principle which cannot be violated.

When we set out in a singular effort chasing after the individual elements of success, we realise the magnitude of energy we will expend on that venture. So don’t go running after the individual elements of success, seek to grow, acquire the information that is needed to operate at a higher version of you and those elements will find you.


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