Thursday: March 5, 2020

Reference: Esther 14:1, 3-5, 12-14

Queen Esther has to approach Ahasuerus in a task that meant she had to put her life on the line, she boldly declared ‘if I perish, I perish’ (4:16) for it was unlawful for anyone to approach the king uninvited, but Esther did and she survived. Her invitation requesting for a fast and prayer was justified and she surely prayed herself.

In the Greek account of the book of Esther, her prayer is recorded and as I read through this, one statement was the highlight, her opening statement: ‘My Lord, you who stand alone, come to my help’. While she stood in a place of pure anguish, she had not lost the spark of praise nor her heart to worship. Her words drew my attention to another truth ‘that God stands alone’.

Any standalone system should be self- sustaining, self-sufficient, self-existing; simply ‘any standalone system should be independently-independent’ (if that is a suitable description). But I believe you get the drive – the realisation that God stands in a class of his own. He is unparalleled, incomparable with anything, unequalled or unrivalled. He exudes matchless and unsurpassable excellence, peerless beauty and unsurpassable glory. Why? Because He is God and He stands alone.

That was for you to realise today, just in case you were looking for an alternative to Him because there is none.


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