Saturday: February 29, 2020

Luke 5:31 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.

‘Healthy people do not need a doctor, it is the sick who do’. Jesus’ words suggest to us that a doctor is ‘needed’ by the sick, it is a necessity and in fact, a matter of urgency. A healthy person does not ‘need’ a doctor, but it does not suggest that they shouldn’t have one too- not curative but preventive.

Taking things a step further, we might ask, how do we tell if someone is healthy or not? To do this, every doctor will observe and ask about signs and symptoms while looking for other indicators of malfunction. Sometimes, unless self reported, it is extremely difficult to tell what might be going wrong. This is where a person who appears healthy may actually be in need of a doctor and so has to present themselves to one.

We may at a point in time hear a statement like ‘all signs and symptoms were missed so the ‘golden time’ passed by. But in some of those situations, it isn’t that they were missed, it was because the sick succeeded in masking all symptoms and thus made it impossible to tell from the outside when something was going amiss on the inside.

Unless we are told or we find out some other way, symptoms will be missed. Therefore, the patient needs to trust their doctor, at least enough trust to let them know what is going on. God invites us to confess with our lips and to lay our cares at his feet, not because He doesn’t already know – He is omniscient. It is because as our doctor and Healer, he desires to hear them from our very own mouth.


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