Thursday : February 20, 2020

James 2:2 Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in

As humans, our minds are switched on to survival mode. This means that it attempts, within the shortest amount of time,to make the most reasonable decisions taking all the information available into account. Therefore using James’ analogy:
should two people walk into a room simultaneously, one sharply dressed and the other shabbily, our attention is more likely to primarily gravitate towards the former.

This isn’t strange, it is just our natural response to our visual senses and our minds decision making on what ‘seems’ the better option. In this case, the quick assumption that ‘better appearance is the better choice’.
Consequently, we will tend to act more favourably towards such people

But the reality, our minds are turned to both individuals the moment they walk through any door for very different reasons. For the rich-looking or sharply dressed, we might think ‘they look really good, what do they do? Can I establish a working connection? Where do they get their clothes? The same applies to the shabbily dressed where we might wonder why are they so poorly dressed? Didn’t they have anyone check their attire? Why are they even here?

In both instances, we hardly ever look beyond the visible. We elevate the better appearing and write off the shabbily dressed without a chance to even make their case. Both, although clear prejudices, have some practicality to them. My dear, how we appear will always send a message before we say a single word. We look past what is before us in a bid to see what is beyond. Thus, we ought to look beyond appearance, not completely neglect it.


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